Furniture Parts

Furniture Parts

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Furniture Parts
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Detail Specifications

BL-007-1 2˝ washer for iron pipes, with color of chrome on both sides
BL-010-1 Coverless wire cover, black
BL-618-2 Plastic chair-back adjuster + ferrous plate (hole diameter: 97mm)
Z-011-10 Shortened M8 suction cup (PVC)
BL-1114-01 Wire cover, beige
BL-2411-1 1/4˝ single-face plug
BL-2411-2 1/2˝ single-face plug
BL-2411-3 Round connector for negative film
C-0304-3-02 CM40 adjuster, plastic sheet, black
Z-011-4 8.5*2.2 adhesive suction pad (S)
Z-011-5 3.5*12 adhesive suction pad (L)
Z-603 346 x 180 x 30mm pencil tray
Z-603-1 348 x 118 x 25mm pencil tray
Z-604 5.0*19 washer, hole: M8, PP, black (with thread)
Z-638-2 6*35KD assembling parts, 15*12
Z-657 #16 PE pad, brown
Z-671 Glide for Miller chairs, white
BL-010-2 55mm wire cover, black