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Detail Specifications

BL-909 8*25*32mm glide, black
BL-907 1/4˝*12mm computer table glide, black
BL-911 M8*25mm special glide, black
BL-910 8mm*3/4˝ glide, black
BL-912 8mm*3/4˝*2˝ enlarged glide, black
BL-926 48mm knob, thread: M8*25mm, nylon, black
BL-913 M8*25*60mm enlarged glide, black
BL-920 65mm piano bench knob, black
BL-927 M8*15 speaker base (L: 70, H: 47), black
BL-927 M8*15 speaker base (L: 70, H: 70), chrome
BL-924 1/4˝*47 special mirror hanger ring, black
BL-922 3/16˝*5/8˝ small-size glide, black
BL-902 1/4˝*5/8˝ glide, black (diameter: 14mm)
BL-923 1/4˝*1˝ special mirror hanger ring, black
BL-901 5*10 special glide
BL-903 1/4˝*1˝ glide, black (diameter: 16mm)
BL-904 1/4˝*5/8˝ round-head glide, black
BL-905 1/4˝*1˝ adjustable glide, black
BL-906 1˝*5/16˝ adjustable glide, black
BL-925 1/4˝*15 plum-shaped screw, black
BL-908 1/4˝*8mm*30 enlarged screw, black
BL-914 1/4˝*10*20mm universal glide, small, color of threads: chrome
BL-915 M8*15*30mm universal glide, middle, color of threads: chrome
BL-921 1/4˝*15*30mm glide with iron casing
BL-916 5/16˝*15 universal glide, white iron, Large, 44mm
BL-918 8*33*41mm knob, 8*33mm bolt, nylon, black
Z-641 8*12*56 swivel knob